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Attention: junior high/middle/intermediate school counselors
Please read careful the email below from Sherry Marchant.

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From: Marchant, Sherry

School Counselors:


As you know, we are in the process of rewriting the CTE Introduction program.  This is a big project, as I am sure you can imagine.  There are many factors to consider in this rewrite.

Since the beginning of the program when it was Technology, Life and Careers (TLC), we have had major rewrites.  There was TLC, then TLC II, then CTE Introduction, and now College and Career Awareness is the name of the new class beginning school year 2015-16.  We would request that you use the full name of the class to help share the awareness of the change rather than an abbreviation.   (If the full title will not fit in your computer spaces, you might use Col & Car Aware or Col & Car Awareness.  Please no acronym. No one will know what CCA means. )

We are still working on the changes to the program, writing new curriculum, working out suggested schedules of how to present the new curriculum, and many other parts of the program.  Some brief information has been shared at summer conferences, program approval visits, in committee meetings, etc. to help teacher awareness of a major change coming.  There have been many assumptions, personal interpretations of information and rumors floating around.  Great detail has not been shared as the elements of the change in the program have not be completed.

To help in the movement for the changes coming for the 2015-16 school year, TEACHERS will attend one of eleven regional professional development days that have been planned.  We hope that the smaller group format will allow for the opportunity to share the focus of the new program and answer more questions.  We will be able to share specific information at that time to help clarify the direction for College and Career Awareness.  They will also attend three days of program area professional development in June at Summer Conference.

School counselors do NOT need to attend these professional development days.  They will receive training in their CCGP Summer Conference for their lesson plans.

This is an exciting time in Career and Technical Education.  With this new direction in College and Career Awareness it is a wonderful opportunity to show students and parents how valuable the program is to prepare students for their future.

Thank you for all you are doing with the CTE Introduction program.


Sherry Marchant
CTE Specialist
Sherry.Marchant at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Sherry.Marchant at schools.utah.gov>

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