[CCGP Info] Breaking News and Happy St. Patrick's Day

Tsosie-Jensen, Lillian Lillian.Tsosie-Jensen at schools.utah.gov
Wed Mar 13 18:54:37 MDT 2013

Greetings School Counselor,

I have good news to share.  No more “Treasure Hunt” to find the data for the Student Outcome Accountability Report (SOAR). A Leprechaun has found the Treasure at the end of the Rainbow, the data for the SOAR report. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!  [cid:image004.png at 01CE201C.34730790]

Thanks to your questions and asking IT personnel in your districts for help with the Student Outcome Accountability Report (SOAR), our USOE data stewards are going to move forward quicker than anticipated with helping us compile data for the SOAR report. We had planned for you to work through the data at the USOE data site this year and next year the data folks had planned to help us build a report using the SOAR template. We have been bumped up on the priority list with the anticipated date of May 1st to have the SOAR report built for us, filled out with all the data, minus the 10% of the information you will need to compile at your schools. YEAH!!!!

More details will be forth coming as I work with the IT personnel here at USOE. However, the outcome will be the SOAR report filled out for you, minus the individual SEOP/Plan for CCR information, etc.. In this first year, if you have not gathered the individual data that is not collect by USOE (i.e. number of students that have created a four year plan, etc), then that is fine. Just put this on your radar for next year.

I am so excited to be able for school counselors to see the data needed to help you plan meaningful data projects. Now with this simplified process (the report ready for your schools, complete with the data), you can concentrate your efforts with students.

I will send you updates as I get information from our Data/IT personnel. Please work with your district leaderships (CTE director or School counselor specialist) in planning and conversations about the SOAR report.

Happy Day! Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Thank you Mr. Leprechaun.
Ahéhee' (thanks)
Lillian Tsosie-Jensen
Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program Specialist
250 East 500 South
PO Box 144200
SLC, UT 84114-4200
Phone: 801-538-7962
Fax: 801-528-7868

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