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Greeting School Counselors,

In September during the NOSCA data training conference, USOE introduced a draft of the Student Outcome Accountablity Report (SOAR). As stated at the NOSCA training, 90 to 95% of the information needed to complete this form is on USOE's website. It is a matter of drilling through the data & statistics tab and the psdgateway site located on the main page of USOE. See snapshot below.

[cid:image001.jpg at 01CE0BB4.E20AA3D0]

Earlier, I passed the form to district leadership to start conversation with their school counselors and district data personnel. Some of made more progress than others towards completion and modification of this report. In fact, I attended a CCGP performance review this year at a middle school in which they had completed the form and were starting discussion around how to better serve students at their school based on their data findings. (I was thrilled at their efforts! And Kudos to this team for taking ownership and leadership in the efforts to serve students efficiently)

This SOAR report is designed to gather baseline data and to manage data projects efficiently. As Vivian Lee (NOSCA) would say, "No more RAGs (Random Acts of Guidance)". In this time of education, when we are being asked to do more, we need to manage our time and program in an effective and efficent matter. We can do this by gathering information (DATA) to drive the work we do as school counselor in helping students.

In our efforts to support you in completing this report, we have encountered a few speed bumps. (For those that know me, Harley Chicks do not like speed bumps.....(smiley face) So instead of driving a moped and still be able to ride the Harley version of the designed SOAR, we are going to change the route a little in this first year of data collection, data projects, and efficent efforts on behalf of students.

So here is what I am asking you to do for this year:

·         Take and review the SOAR document.

·         Have converation with district leadership and data keepers in regards to the SOAR report.

·         Make SMALL adjustments in the SOAR report. (example: if the line items asked for graduation rate and you are at a middle school/junior high school, adjust the line item to 8th grade completion or equalivent.)

·         Use USOE's website (the data & statistics tab(http://schools.utah.gov/data/ ) drill down the information. (example: http://schools.utah.gov/data/Educational-Data/Graduation-Dropout-Rates.aspx is the next level for dropout and graduation rate)

·         Use the psdgateway site (http://schools.utah.gov/  ) Find your school's information/data, including the UCAS report/additional information to find your mobility rate, and the school performance area to find proficient rates by grade level. These are just the examples of what is listed. There is more data about your school listed on these links.

·         Fill out this form to the best you are able with the information housed at USOE and help from data personnel in your district.

·         Then in final conversation, submit your comments back to your district leadership for improvement on the SOAR document.

·         And....finally, submit the SOAR under the JUNE 1st deadline to ccgp.dataprojects at schools.utah.gov<mailto:ccgp.dataprojects at schools.utah.gov>

Final notes:

·         April 24th USCA is hosting a data webinar.

·         Keep smiling your students need you.

·         I appreciate your efforts in the field and all that you do for students.

·         I am not asking for this to be perfect, but reasonability completed.

·         We will all make it to rally.....LOL......... moped, scooter, 883 or Street Glide. :)

Ahéhee' (thanks)
Lillian Tsosie-Jensen
Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program Specialist
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250 East 500 South
PO Box 144200
SLC, UT 84114-4200
Phone: 801-538-7962
Fax: 801-528-7868

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