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By now many of you have had the opportunity to be introduced to the Student Outcome Accountability Report (SOAR). We rolled out the draft copy at the data professional development with NOSCA and CCGP basic training. Your district leaders have also been discussing this with many of you for preparation for the end of year. There have been many positive comments regarding the new process of data collection.

USOE wanted to introduce this document to you in draft form as we continue to work on the document. A final copy and data dictionary will be made available to you December 1st. The data dictionary will help you with where to find all the data needed to fill out this report. 95% of the data is available on USOEs website and we want to get you a data dictionary that will give you the exact web address so you will not spend time searching for the data. The 5% of the data not found on USOEs website, you will need to track during your SEOP/PLAN for college and career ready meetings with students. These items you will need to track are:

Students who have completed Algebra II or Math I

Students who have completed 4 year plan

Students who have completed college applications

Students who have completed financial aid paperwork

Students who were accepted into a college program (1,2,4)

Since you may have also completed some grade level SEOP/PLAN for CCR meetings, please track what grade levels you still need to complete this year. The form does not indicate grade levels. However, whichever grade(s) you choose to track this year, please indicate the information on the form. As we work through this first year of this form, you will have some latitude and ability to add(not change) other categories. This document is for tracking student information for your use and planning for future meaningful data projects.

To recap previous discussions from CCGP BT and NOSCA PD:

·         No Data Project is due this year. :)

·         Final SOAR form and data dictionary will be available December 1st.

·         The Student Outcome Accountability Report (SOAR) is due June 1 to USOE.

·         The Student Outcome Accountability Report (SOAR) is a planning tool for next year's data project.

Please continue to send questions and input. It will help us all work in the best interest of students.

Ahéhee' (thanks)
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