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Another great resource for distance learning below.

Megan Cook


I hope you are doing well and staying safe. I would like to share something
with you that I hope can be passed along to your NASAE members,
particularly those interested in sharing educational resources/online
learning opportunities with their teachers. As most Agricultural Education
teachers are working hard to deliver their programs online to their
students we have an upcoming webinar that may be helpful for an animal
science or career related learning opportunity.

Next week we will be releasing a new CAST paper on the “*Impact of
Recruitment and Retention of Food Animal Veterinarians on the U.S. Food
Supply*.”  On Tuesday at noon Central time we will be hosting a webinar led
by Dr. Christine Navarre, Louisiana State University College of Veterinary
Medicine will share the highlights and key information about this paper.
The paper will be free to download beginning on Monday April 6th along with
a one-paper Ag quick CAST executive summary. Along with the paper and
webinar we will also be releasing a student self-study guide that can be
used by students and teachers to learn more about this lesson. The
self-study guide will connect with and be supported by the CAST paper,
webinar, Ag quick CAST and other linked references. The self-study guide
will be in a short 1-2 page student friendly format.

All of these resources are free for teachers to access and use with their
students. The webinars will be recorded and archived on the CAST website
use and viewing for those not able to join the live webcast. Our plan is to
continue to produce these self-study guides and produce webinars on most
all of our upcoming CAST paper releases. We are working with NAAE and their
Communities of Practice as well as the *Monday Morning Monitor/CAST Friday
Notes* to also share this but would also like to work with State
Agricultural Education leaders  who maybe sharing these types of resources
with teachers within their state.

Let me know if you have any questions. We are excited about the opportunity
to extend the outreach of our CAST paper and think this may provide a great
opportunity to enhance online learning.


[image: Kent Scheske]

April 7 at Noon Central

CAST will host a free webinar featuring research from its new issue paper on

*Impact of Recruitment and Retention of Food Animal Veterinarians on the *
***U.S. Food Supply*

More Details on Webinar and CAST Report
                               Join our List for Future CAST Events

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