[AgEd] FW: [Usaged-l] Use of Xploration Station Series in Online Era for Ag Ed--We Meed Help though getting permission to use

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Subject: [Usaged-l] Use of Xploration Station Series in Online Era for Ag Ed--We Meed Help though getting permission to use

Hi Folks,--We need Help securing some kudos from this Series and other Xploration Station Series--

While working on scrambling to put together items for all of the plethora of tomorrow's different classes that were once hands on--and now totally turned upside down into this form of education we are now immersed into--I saw "Xploration Station- Awesome Planet" on Fox today.  They just had a fantastic 30 min show on Alternative Energy and things being used right now to power our planet and it also showed on a small scale how they are using Algae and greenhouses to make fuels.  Folks--watching that--I really think we could do this in our greenhouses in our Aquaponics labs.  Endless possibilities here for sure for classes and discussion in this Online Era to spark discussions and ideas--maybe even set up a lab at school in the greenhouse--and Google Meet stages as the algae grows and then what can be done with it. Who knows--I am an old fart--you young kids have a lot more ways to bring this lab to life in this Online Covid Era.  Here is the link that takes you to their shows--there are a tons of other shows too that can work for almost any class.   https://www.xplorationstation.com/show/Xploration-Awesome-Planet
P.S.  when you look through ALL of the episodes over the years--there are so many topics we have in our courses--Food Science, Aquaculture, Marine Biology, Natural Resources, Wildlife Management, Horticulture, National Park Exploration
ALSO if you click on the top Home bar, click on Watch Full Episodes  https://xplorationstation.vhx.tv/     and scroll down and you will see all of the other Xploration Station Series --All very well done things and so many great up to date things and aso these are done NOT for just for adults but also most are geared directly to kids ages we teach. They do have a 3 day Free Trial period--but you cant activate unless you give them your credit card for $49.99--and we all know how that works--good bye $49.99 when you miss the deadline to cancel in time!!  Anyway--  maybe one of our Ag Ed Leaders could convince them in this National Crisis to give us educators free access for the next two months??  (Any takers that have some great diplomacy skills and can have a little pull for our Ag Ed professionals?)   Let us all know if we have some takers on this---State and National AG Ed Leaders--we need help.

Keep safe and share ideas that you folks have with others--We are ALL in this together!---Sincerely Terry

Take Care and Make it Fun!

Terry Erdmann

Pulaski Agriscience / Agribusiness & Natural Resources Inst.
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