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Central and Western Region State Staff:

As requested by some of you and quite a number of teachers, please find a collection of shared resources for the online delivery of ag education at: https://ffa.box.com/v/OnlineAgEdResources.  Thanks for sharing this link as you see fit.

This is a gathering of items that have been shared over listservs the past few days including a few states that have generously shared their Google drives filled with content geared toward distance/online delivery.

These are not official National FFA vetted resources nor have they been reviewed for accuracy or content.  This is simply a collection of what's been shared (with consent to further share) in this unprecedented time.  I have seen some states remind local teachers that they need to know and understand the network of FERPA, HIPPA, and COPPA laws as related to student privacy and the student creation of online accounts to access content.  View National FFA's privacy policy (including our COPPA policy) at: https://www.ffa.org/privacy-policy/.

For a collection of National FFA vetted resources, please see the March 19, 2020 email that went out to all ag teachers from National FFA or visit: https://www.ffa.org/my-toolbox/instructor/educator-resources/

Take care, stay healthy, and see you when the dust settles,


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