[AgEd] Weekly Update: March 13-21

Megan Cook megan.cook at utahffa.org
Fri Mar 13 23:28:19 MDT 2020


First and foremost, thank you for your patience and understanding during a
time of so much uncertainty. As of this evening, we are joined by 9 other
states in cancelling or postponing State Conventions, as well as additional
states beyond that who have cancelled or postponed other state events and

I'm sure you and your students have many questions. When will Convention be
held? Where will it be held? Will it look the same? The answer to these
questions and more, is simply, we don't know. Due to the nature of these
uncertain times, we are doing the best we can to plan and prepare for
potential options, but even those plans could be thwarted depending on what
unfolds in the coming weeks.

In an effort to keep as much normalcy and routine as possible, the
deadlines below are still being followed unless you are notified otherwise.

*Due April 1*

   - Living to Serve Day of Service Mini Grant Due
   - American FFA Degree Due
   <https://www.ffa.org/participate/awards/american-ffa-degree/> (simply
   complete on AET and complete all 4 signatures by April 1. No hardcopy
   - Teacher Ambassador Application Due

*Due April 15*

   - Final FFA Roster and Dues Payment Due
   - Please note that although you can continue adding members to your
   roster through July 31, only those members who are ADDE and PAID for by
   April 15th will be included on the District CTE reporting, which determines
   a portion of the budget you receive within your school. Do not
   procrastinate adding members and paying your dues!

*Due May 1*

   - National Chapter Award Application Due
   - Living to Serve Day of Service Mini Grant Due

*Note: *State CDE registration will not be due on Monday, March 16th as
previously announced. We are proceeding with caution at this time, but with
the two-week soft closure of schools, we know that you have more important
things to worry about than registering for State CDEs.

Thank you for all you do! Hang in there through this unique and
unprecedented time. If anyone has the ability to adapt to a virtual
learning environment when the majority of our courses are incredibly
hands-on, it's our amazing Ag Teachers!



*Megan Cook*
Utah FFA Executive Secretary

Office (435) 797-2167
Cell (435) 764-7471
Fax (435) 797-4002


*Megan Cook*
Utah FFA Executive Secretary

Office (435) 797-2167
Cell (435) 764-7471
Fax (435) 797-4002
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