[AgEd] COVID-19 - Request from Superintendent Dickson

Deimler, William L. William.Deimler at schools.utah.gov
Mon Mar 9 12:15:20 MDT 2020

The media is riddled with reports of COVID-19.  I do not mean to add to the general sense of alarm that many are feeling.  However, the USBE's CTE Section was asked to help teachers evaluate alternate means of instruction should schools be temporarily closed.

To be clear, no plans are being made to actually close schools in Utah.  This is simply a request that teachers consider that eventuality and prepare instruction accordingly.

The hands-on nature of CTE courses is particularly challenging in this regard.  Please consider what instruction could appropriately be conducted online.  Do you have video of lessons that could be streamed to students?  Do you have instruction and materials in a CANVAS course that can be leveraged?  Are there other resources that you could make available to students during a shut down?

Again, this is nothing more than a planning exercise.  Please do not add to the hysteria.


Buddy Deimler

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