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In case you were not aware, see the message below from Mark Poeschl about the 2020 National FFA Virtual Convention.


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From: National FFA Organization <ffa at e.ffa.org>
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2020 10:56 AM
To: Deimler, William L. <William.Deimler at schools.utah.gov>
Subject: 2020 National Convention & Expo

Important update from National FFA


The National FFA Organization will host the 93rd National FFA Convention & Expo as a virtual experience this fall on multiple outlets. This decision, recommended by National FFA staff and affirmed by the National FFA Board of Directors, is due to the many challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The national convention will be hosted by the 2019-20 National FFA Officer Team and continue the tradition of celebrating and inspiring the hundreds of thousands of FFA members who are becoming what the world needs next. The event will allow FFA members, advisors, alumni, supporters, sponsors and exhibitors to connect more than ever before through virtual events, activities and competitions.

The national convention will occur virtually during the week of Oct. 28, as previously planned. Be sure to mark your calendar for Aug. 12 when we release specific details regarding the schedule, registration details, special guests and other pieces that deliver high-value and impact for FFA members. Delegates from across the country will also join virtually to accomplish the official business of the student-led organization as spelled out in the National FFA Constitution.

The participation of our National FFA Alumni & Supporters remains a central focus for FFA during this unprecedented time. We look forward to you joining us virtually in October to engage in activities and opportunities that will help you continue to impact FFA chapters in your communities, plus all of the other great national convention content.
We plan to return to Indianapolis and the State of Indiana in 2021 for an energetic in-person event that celebrates achievements and forms valuable connections for FFA members looking to make a strong next step. FFA is grateful to our hosting partners and stands committed to making a difference in Indianapolis this fall through contributions and service activities that support the people, places and organizations that have always offered their well-known brand of Hoosier Hospitality to our guests.

I’m looking forward to a unique and influential National FFA Convention & Expo this fall.

Warm regards,

Mark Poeschl
CEO, National FFA Organization and National FFA Foundation
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