[AgEd] Summer Ag Follow up

Jim Freston jfreston at dcsd.org
Fri Jun 26 11:43:10 MDT 2020

Happy Friday,

I am sure you have all heard by now the good news of Summer Ag being back
on, fully funded with an increase even.

The process of working with policy makers at all levels on this has helped
me, and I hope you, to realize it's great to be an Agriculture Educator. To
be able to do what we did was just shy of miraculous. To see so many
teachers engage with such passion to advocate for our program was humbling
to me and I wish to thank you all!

I really want to list by name all that I know were pivotal but I know I
would leave someone out. I would learn almost daily of new campaigns
launched and energies directed to our cause and I am sure there were many
efforts made that I was not even aware of, THANK YOU!

Below is a list of Legislators that were key to help with summer ag funding

Representative Mike Shultz: mikeshultz at le.utah.gov

Representative Francis Gibson: fgibson at le.utah.gov

Representative - Speaker Brad Wilson: bradwilson at le.utah.gov

Senator - President Stuart Adams: jsadams at le.utah.gov

Senator Daniel Hemmert: dhemmert at le.utah.gov

Senator Scott Sandell: ssandall at le.utah.gov

Please reach out to them in the most sincere ways to thank them and perhaps
take opportunity to reach out to your representatives while this is fresh
on their minds. Invite them to join you on a visit or to come and learn
more about the program. This is a golden opportunity for advocacy of
Agriculture Education- their interest is piqued and may be more ready to
listen and learn now than ever before.

Mr. Freston
Union High School
Agriculture Education
Roosevelt FFA Advisor
UAAE President 2019-20
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