[AgEd] Save the Date for summer conference

Jim Freston jfreston at dcsd.org
Fri Jun 26 11:21:34 MDT 2020

Greetings Ag Education Family,

UAAE has been busy this summer! We have all been consumed with efforts and
worries over Summer Ag funding and with all the covid chaos summer
conference has been overlooked.

Here is the current, yet evolving plan-

*When: July 28 starting mid morning*
*Where: Richfield High School*
*What: We will have a round of breakout professional development session,
then lunch/steakfy/awards ceremony, then another round of professional
development sessions. *

I am  positive this date has already gone out in a few different forms but
I still hear from some that do not know about it. Please help spread the

If you have ideas, suggestions or would like to present please let me know.
A survey will come out soon to rsvp for food and other conference
happenings.If you would like an officer application please let me know.

With travel restrictions we have thought it best to have a one day
conference- please come if you can.

Mr. Freston
Union High School
Agriculture Education
Roosevelt FFA Advisor
UAAE President 2019-20
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