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Proficiency scores and comments are now available through AET. Here are the instructions I have been sent from AET to access them:

1) After a chapter signs in to AET, go to "Reports", then "F1. FFA Awards Degree/Application Manager".

2) Look for a button that says "State Submission Lists & Feedback".

3) Choose "UT 2020 Proficiency Check" or "UT 2020 Research Proficiency Check".

4) Click "Feedback" for an applicant.

Also, as a reminder:

State Winning Agriscience Fair and Proficiency Applications Due July 1
If you have students with state winning applications, these need to be submitted electronically by July 1st at 11:59 pm. To submit these, you simply need to ensure that your students most up to date, accurate application has been completed. This includes one final step that is often overlooked--in the application, on the left hand menu, the last line says "Complete/Print Your App". Click that menu item, and then click "Complete/Save Your App". This ensures that the correct version is what is judged by National FFA. Since no hard copy applications will be submitted, I will have no way of verifying that the correct version number is being submitted unless you double check that your student has completed that final step.



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