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From: Curtin, Andrea M. <Andrea.Curtin at schools.utah.gov>
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Subject: Fwd: Seeking a Tech / Multimedia teacher

Please post this opening on your listserv. Thanks.

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From: Timothy Schiess <tschiess at americanleadership.net<mailto:tschiess at americanleadership.net>>
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To: Curtin, Andrea M. <Andrea.Curtin at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Andrea.Curtin at schools.utah.gov>>
Subject: Seeking a Tech / Multimedia teacher

Mrs Curtin,

American Leadership Academy is seeking a Technology / Multimedia teacher for the upcoming school year. Do you know of any potential teachers of contacts that we could reach out to?

Thank you for your help.

Tim Schiess, MBA
American Leadership Academy
CTE Business / CTE Director
DECA / FBLA Adviser
tschiess at americanleaderhsip.net<mailto:tschiess at americanleaderhsip.net>

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