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Attached is a Welding Workshop that Jared Massic has put together. If you have questions or comments please direct them to Jared jared.massic at nebo.edu<mailto:jared.massic at nebo.edu>. Thanks Jared for doing the work to put this workshop together.


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From: Jared Massic <jared.massic at nebo.edu>
Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2020 9:17 PM
To: Deimler, William L. <William.Deimler at schools.utah.gov>
Subject: Welding Art Workshop

I have been planning this since before Covid, but then It took a backburner because of Covid.   After a lot of consideration and my Admins blessing, I am going to try and have this workshop as planned. David Madero is a Mexican welding/metal artist. He contacted me and asked if this would be of interest to hold.  At first he wanted just students of mine, but I convinced him that teaching our teachers and having them able to continue to pass on the knowledge they learn would be more impactful to more students in the future.

It's a pricey, long commitment. but I highly doubt those who do it will be upset from what they get out of it. I have done a bunch of leg work to get most of the cost covered.  The cost associated ($500) is what I couldn't get covered.

There are more details to come, but If you could email this out to the welding ag group.  Those who want a spot should talk with their Admin or CTE director about TSSA money to pay for the workshop, and their time.  Have anyone interested contact me ASAP. Email or Cell (8016712899)  It will be held at MMHS the first week in August.

Jared Massic
Welding Instructor
Maple Mountain High School
Nebo School District
(801) 794-6740 ex.1530
SkillsUSA Utah Contest Manager
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