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Subject: [EXT] FW: NRCS CAMP Program Materials--help distributing

Would you mind sharing the attached materials with your internal/external audiences?

The Conservation Agricultural Mentoring Program is meant to pair up NRCS employees (new or recently transferred) with producers to help them learn hands-on what challenges/solutions producers face and help deepen our relationship with the community. We aren’t authorized to actively recruit, so we’re really aiming to maximize our reach with these materials.


  1.  Welcome Letter from NRCS State Conservationist
  2.  Fact Sheet
  3.  Flyer

If you don’t mind, you can share on your Twitter as well, and/or retweet from our account.

Thank you so much for your help!!


Darren Scott
State Public Affairs Officer
Natural Resources Conservation Service
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801-524-4597<tel:801-524-4597> | 385-226-8816<tel:385-226-8816>
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125 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT

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