[AgEd] Convention Wrap Up & Upcoming Deadlines

Megan Cook megan.cook at utahffa.org
Mon Jun 15 11:59:28 MDT 2020


We hope you enjoyed the first ever Utah FFA Virtual State Convention. What
a whirlwind of a way to close out the 2019-2020 school year! Friday was
officially my last day working for Utah FFA, but there are some important
reminders for you that I didn't want to leave for McKena during her first
solo week on the job! Please be on the lookout for 2 additional emails from
me following this email.

Now that all state winners have been announced, I want to bring your
attention to a few important deadlines:

*1. State Winning Agriscience Fair and Proficiency Applications Due July 1*
If you have students with state winning applications, these need to be
submitted *electronically* by July 1st at 11:59 pm. To submit these, you
simply need to ensure that your students most up to date, accurate
application has been completed. This includes one final step that is often
overlooked--in the application, on the left hand menu, the last line says
"Complete/Print Your App". Click that menu item, and then click
"Complete/Save Your App". This ensures that the correct version is what is
judged by National FFA. Since no hard copy applications will be submitted,
McKena will have no way of verifying that the correct version number is
being submitted unless you double check that your student has completed
that final step.

*2. National Chapter Award Applications Due July 1*
The original deadline for this application was May 1. Due to COVID-19, and
the business of virtual CDEs and Convention, the deadline to confirm your
application is July 1 at 11:59 pm. Some chapters have submitted these as
hard copies only, however, the state needs them submitted *electronically*.
To submit your application to the state, go into the application and on the
left hand menu click "Complete/Print Your App", followed by clicking
"Complete/Save Your App". This will allow Utah FFA to generate a report
that shows all chapters who have completed their application. Each state is
only allowed to submit a maximum number of National Chapter applications.
Once applications are submitted to the state level, they will be judged,
sifted if necessary, and sent on to National FFA if necessary.

*3. American Degree Review in process*
American FFA Degrees were due May 1. The process has begun to review the
applications at the state level. If you have a student with application
issues, you will be notified prior to them being sent on to National FFA if
they have issues that can be fixed. The state approved applications will
then be submitted to National FFA for review and approval.

*4. State CDE Results on JudgingCard*
Results for State CDEs will be posted on JudgingCard sometime this week.
Please note that you will only see overall rankings for teams and
individuals and not specific contest information such as individual test
scores, class scores, etc. When a contest is administered through QBank,
those details are unfortunately not shared on JudgingCard.

*Megan Cook*
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