[AgEd] Quick Update

Michael Gowans mgowans at alpinedistrict.org
Thu Jun 4 18:01:55 MDT 2020

We just have a quick update for your information. As the Legislative
Committee has been reaching out to legislators. Some legislators are upset
that they don't know anything about the cuts. We just heard back from one
representative that has done some footwork on our behalf and he called the
Speaker of the House Brad Wilson. The Speaker knew nothing about the
proposed cuts and is completely against the idea of cutting the program.

Of course we just take the information as it comes. This does not mean we
quit, but just some information to chew on and continue to proceed forward
in making the crucial phone calls.

Also for your information: Representative Brad Last is the Chair of the
Executive Appropriations Committee and Representative Jefferson Moss is the
Vice Chair of Executive Appropriations. If these two Representatives are in
your area please personally contact them and have that conversation.


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