[AgEd] Summer Agriculture Program Funding

Deimler, William L. William.Deimler at schools.utah.gov
Wed Jun 3 10:55:56 MDT 2020

Second attempt. There was a formatting error in the first email.

This email is an attempt to explain what has become a confusing discussion concerning the Summer Agriculture Program Funding.

FY20 Funding: Starts in July 2019 and ends in June 2020
FY21 Funding: Starts in July 2020 and ends in June 2021

You can see that potentially the 2020 Summer Ag Program can pull money from both fiscal years. June 2020 could be funded by money from the FY20 summer ag program allocation. July and August 2020 would be funded from the FY21 summer ag program allocation. Not all districts do it that way.

Although the Summer Ag Funding is a concern to you, there are some other areas that are being considered for reductions by the Legislature. You can see that some of the others are also very important to your program.

  *   CTE Add-on WPUs
  *   Tech Center WPUs
  *   Administrative WPUs
  *   IT Academy
  *   Summer Agriculture
  *   ProStart
  *   CTE state administration (USBE staffing)
  *   Adobe Create Utah
  *   Computer Science Grants

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Buddy Deimler

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