[AgEd] Sample Letter to Community & Students

Megan Haslam megan.haslam at ccsdut.org
Tue Jun 2 21:18:38 MDT 2020

This is the info we are sending out to our community members:

* On our own time
*Our own personal electronics
* DON'T use cookie-cutter templates-  In speaking with my own
representatives at town halls last fall and @ the Capitol I've confirmed
that the email templates don't work.  *You don't read cookie cutter emails-
& they don't either- it is white noise. * *Personal emails & phone calls
make the most impact. *

CALL TO ACTION:  The UT Legislature is planning a round of budget cuts June
15th that will hit education hard.  Education funding was already cut 6% in
April 2020.   The Summer Ag program is being included in the newly proposed
cuts. If passed, the mobile summer weigh-in services will no longer be
available , Record book workdays, open welding shop & Ag industry tours
will be cut & high school students with Ag projects will no longer receive
school credit for their work during the summer. Summer Ag is part of a
yearlong Ag program & summer is the busiest time of year for individual
student learning. If your family has benefited from these services, we ask
you to take a moment & contact your representative & share your story.
STUDENTS: You have a powerful voice- don't be afraid to share your
experience with your representatives!

All towns except Petersboro:
House: Casey Snider  435-890-3383 csnider at le.utah.gov  &
Senator: Scott Sandall 435-279-7551  or ssandall at le.utah.gov

****Petersboro House:  Val Potter  435-757-9834   valpotter at le.utah.gov
Senator: Lyle Hillyard lhillyard at le.utah.gov   435-757-0194

Also, we ask that you spread the word to neighbors & friends to help get
the word out. If you have further questions, please feel free to reply &
we'll do our best to answer your questions.
Megan Haslam
Mountain Crest High School
Ag Dept & FFA Advisor
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