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Tue Jun 2 09:14:31 MDT 2020

Thank you for letting us know.

It makes me sad they are cutting funding for any program. Band is important
in kids' lives, sports, drama, any activities that have positive influences
with good adults. Kids need these programs. Kids need these good role
models in their life throughout the year and summer. All *80* of my
students benefit from visits and contacts from me throughout the summer,
not just the 35. Thank you for looking out for us and our programs.
Legislatures need to think about the kids, they need these programs to have
a positive impact on their lives. Please let me know whatever I can do to
help out with this. Yes, I need the money to pay my bills for the summer
and throughout the year, but students are the ones that are getting the
real shaft.  I am not sending this to complain to you, I really do
appreciate you supporting our agriculture programs.

Everyone, summer agriculture is not all about you, it’s not about your 35
stars, they really don’t need you, most of them probably have positive
impacts in their lives. Summer ag is for seeing *ALL* of your students,
there are a lot of kids out there that you do not go see that need you.
Some of us complain about a summer contract, we need to stop!!! Like I said
earlier this is not about you, it’s about kids and you are giving them a
disadvantage. If you’re going in a neighborhood and only seeing your star
student, and the neighbor kid next door you don’t even think about. Just
imagine while you’re visiting your star- next door there’s a kid from your
class getting beat by his dad. You are giving that child a huge injustice
by not seeing him. Your FFA program can go to heck!!!!  Because that’s not
what it’s all about, it’s about kids and what you can do for them, I would
imagine that 90% of your FFA officers have good parents. That is just your
officers think of all the kids whose parents don’t come to parent teacher
conferences or the kids that drive you crazy in class, they need you.  They
need a positive role model. They need to see you in the summer and know
that you care about them, I know this will help during the school year if
you do this.  Please don’t get wrapped up in planning officer retreats and
COLT, in my opinion a lot of that is wasting your time, simplify it so you
can be spending it with kids that truly do need you.

I suggest we quit bawling about doing our summer contracts. I say that we
quit logging hours not seeing students, there are a lot of kids you are not
seeing that need you way more than your 35 ffa stars. Let’s get our butts
away from our desks, out of restaurants with our buddies, and focus on the
kids that truly need you. Let’s stop double dipping hours, counting hours
sleeping at an officer retreat.  Let’s* honestly* use the 2.5 million that
is allotted for summer ag, and use it for the benefit of the most kids we
can touch in the summer.  The kids that need you the most are not the 35
you came up with easily on your application. It is the rough kids that
counselors dumped in your class because no one else would take them- please
go see these kids-they do need you.  If I have offended anyone you probably
needed offended. We need summer ag for our students, not just to pay our
bills. As you talk with people in your community and legislatures, make
sure kids are your focus, because that is the most important thing that
summer ag funds go for.

Again, if there’s anything I can do please let me know.



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