[AgEd] Mark’s Weekly: Updates on Awards Recognition, New National FFA Advisor and More

Deimler, William L. William.Deimler at schools.utah.gov
Fri Nov 15 07:53:49 MST 2019

Check out the National FFA Employee Spotlight for Brett Evans.


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From: Mark Poeschl <ffa at e.ffa.org>
Sent: Friday, November 15, 2019 6:36 AM
To: Deimler, William L. <William.Deimler at schools.utah.gov>
Subject: Mark’s Weekly: Updates on Awards Recognition, New National FFA Advisor and More

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Mark's Weekly Update:

·        Update: Recognizing Award Winners
·        A Quick Note on Awards
·        CDE/LDE News
·        Accept the Living to Serve Chapter Challenge
·        Now Open: 2020 National FFA Scholarship Application
·        Free FFA Week Resources Now Available
·        Earn Money for SAEs
·        Employee Spotlight
·        Take Our Surveys
·        Visit Northern California With FFA
·        National FFA Foundation Earns Gold Seal of Transparency
·        Help Raise Money for FFA on Instagram
·        Remembering Your Roots
Dear Board Members, State Staff, Teachers and National FFA Staff,

We started the week meeting with the leadership team of the National Association of Agricultural Educators in Louisville, Ky. We are jointly planning the Three Circle Summit that will be held in Indianapolis on Feb. 4-5, 2020. Official invitations, the agenda and instructions on applying for travel stipends will be distributed next week. Because space is limited, we are allocating four spots per state and territory. Our hope is that each state can send a state staff member, a teacher, a teacher educator, and a member of the state foundation staff. We have developed a robust agenda that will include emphasizing and strengthening the delivery of the three-component model; building relationships among attendees; collaborating among associations and professional groups; continuing to work toward full affiliation; and reflecting on the positive working relationships we are fostering between our agricultural education professional organizations. Be watching for more information on the Three Circle Summit.

We met internally with division directors to review budget expense allocations and to tighten our fiscal planning for 2020. Both the National FFA Board of Directors and the National FFA Foundation Trustees will meet in Indianapolis on Dec. 16 and 17, respectively, to review and approve the budgets, as well as attend to other organizational items. We look forward to welcoming the boards to the National FFA Center and hope that travel in December won’t be interrupted by inclement weather.

Later this morning, you’ll see a press announcement regarding The Council’s selection of our National FFA Advisor, board chair, and director of agricultural education, along with the selection of the National FFA Executive Secretary. As we welcome our new leaders, we also honor and bid farewell to Dr. Steve Brown, who ends his tenure today as advisor and chair. I’ve often said that I know of no one who loves FFA and agricultural education more than Dr. Brown. I wish he and Rhonda well as they relocate to their home in Missouri.

Following the National FFA Convention & Expo<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8901>, we heard from a number of teachers and advisors expressing concerns over the change in awarding plaques to participating teams in national contests. Included in a link below is an explanation of the survey process our team undertook to evaluate plaques and their perceived value to student members. We will continue to evaluate our awards and methods for recognizing participating teams in the future. Thanks to all of those who have reached out or called about this issue.

We continue to see momentum for the Give the Gift of Blue program<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8902>. National FFA has provided more than 2,250 jackets to students who couldn’t otherwise afford their own FFA jacket in 2019. We are confident that by the end of the calendar year, we will have awarded more than 2,500 jackets, which was our targeted goal for 2019. We thank all of those who so generously give to this program. You’ll see here<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8903> a couple of examples of the handwritten thank-yous that we receive from grateful FFA members.

Until next week,


News You Can Use
Update: Recognizing Award Winners
At the 92nd National FFA Convention & Expo, our system of awarding teams and individuals competing in Career and Leadership Development Events changed. This change created a significant amount of feedback. Please read an explanation<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8904> of the process and our plans for next steps.

A Quick Note on Awards
Awards not claimed during national convention are in the process of being sorted and shipped to state associations or advisors. Expect them in early December. Recipients must claim their cash awards online (using the provided link that was emailed to advisors) by Dec. 1, or their cash awards will be forfeited.

The 2020 veterinary science team activity topic—veterinarian’s role in animal welfare—is now available on FFA.org<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8905>. Visit the veterinary science CDE webpage and click on the Convention Info button and then the 2020 Team Activity Topic PDF<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8906>.

A reminder: The 2020 meats evaluation and technology CDE<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8907> will expand to four-member teams. As with other national CDE teams with four-member teams, all four scores will count in the event.

The agricultural communications CDE 2020 media plan and practicum topics<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8908> are available on FFA.org<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8905>. Visit the agricultural communications webpage<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8909> and click on the Convention Info tab.

Accept the Living to Serve Chapter Challenge
Join National FFA in our challenge to complete 930,000 volunteer hours by the 93rd National FFA Convention & Expo. It is as easy as 1,2,3:

1.   See It – Empower yourself with knowledge.
2.   Solve It – Lead your chapter into action.
3.   Share It – Inspire others … share your story at FFA.org/ChallengeAccepted<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8910>.
Report impacts after each service event and be entered in a drawing to receive exclusive Living to Serve Chapter Challenge T-shirts.

Now Open: 2020 National FFA Scholarship Application
Could any of your students use money for college? The National FFA Scholarship Application is now available at FFA.org/Scholarships<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8911>. Access the application, view the timeline and identify resources that fit your needs. Just one application for multiple opportunities. The deadline to apply is Jan. 15, 2020.

Free FFA Week Resources Now Available
Looking for new ideas, resources and easy-to-implement templates for National FFA Week<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8912>? Check out the new National FFA Week Implementation Guide as a Word doc<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8913> or a PDF<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8914> to help your chapter plan an exciting FFA Week in February 2020.

Earn Money for SAEs
2019 SAE Grants are now available. FFA members in grades 7–12 can apply for 176 grants of $1,000 each to start or expand an SAE. Read the flyer<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8915> for details. The deadline to apply is Nov. 15, 2019, at 8 p.m. EST.

Employee Spotlight
Speaking of SAE Grants, meet Brett Evans<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8916>, who spends a good chunk of his day talking about SAEs and helping members fund and get recognition for their projects.

Take Our Surveys
The post-convention survey was released earlier this week to all convention attendees who provided us with an email address. Please take this opportunity to provide us with your thoughts on all aspects of the national convention and expo.

A survey for FFA members who are in their senior year of high school launched at the end of September and is still in the field. The survey asks questions related to academic success as well as college and career readiness. It was sent to a random selection of senior FFA members. As a reminder, members can win an Amazon gift card for their participation. Email evaluation at ffa.org<mailto:evaluation at ffa.org> with questions.
Visit Northern California With FFA
Join National FFA Alumni and Supporters for an Agriculture Travel Program in Northern California May 30-June 7, 2020. See San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, Muir Woods, the Napa Valley, Blue Diamond Growers, Sun-Maid Raisins, Harris Ranch and more. Visit FFA.org/alumnibenefits<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8917> or contact Agrotours, 888-224-8687 or info at agrotours.com<mailto:info at agrotours.com>, for more information. Registration and a deposit are due March 1.

National FFA Foundation Earns Gold Seal of Transparency
The National FFA Foundation has earned a 2019 Gold Seal on GuideStar—the world's largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. Now 10+ million GuideStar users can find in-depth information about our goals, strategies, capabilities and progress. We’re shining a spotlight on the difference your support of FFA helps make in the world. Plus, we’ve provided fresh information to 200+ charitable websites and applications that use GuideStar data such as AmazonSmile, Facebook and Network for Good. Check out our profile.<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8918>

Help Raise Money for FFA on Instagram
You can now use time spent on social media to do a world of good for a cause we all love! Here are two new ways to donate to and also to encourage others to support National FFA while on Instagram on your mobile device:

·        When you get ready to post a story on Instagram, tap the donation sticker after you’ve taken the photo or video. Then, select National FFA as the nonprofit. Others will see it and be encouraged to give.
·        When you are checking out National FFA on Instagram<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8919>, use the donate button on our profile to make a quick and secure gift.
And here’s more good news: National FFA will receive 100 percent of the proceeds without any transaction fees.

Remembering Your Roots
First-year National FFA Foundation Sponsors’ Board member David Hollinrake of Syngenta reached out to his hometown FFA chapter to reconnect. David lives in North Carolina, and his high school chapter is in Mercer County, Ill. See what happened<https://nationalffaorganization.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=86844d95c2e3676e8812e6330de3067f&i=858A1641A3A8920> when David and FFA advisor Mike Chausse decided to meet up at national convention.

Chief Executive Officer
National FFA Organization
National FFA Foundation
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