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Could you please forward the following information out to chapters advisors
about the turkey show for their record books.



Those that have students that would like to participate in the FFA Record
Book Contest for the Utah Turkey Show Program next week please have them
have their completed books ready to be pulled up electronically by the end
of the day Wednesday November 13, 2019. In addition we need you to please
email Mike Gowans at  mgowans at alpinedistrict.org with the following

Student Name
Chapter Name
Division being entered

Please see the different award division below for the students to enter:

*7th and 8th Grade FFA Division - Division 1 - *This is for students that
are an official part of chapters that have a 7th and 8th grade program and
raising turkeys.

*9th and 10th Grade FFA Division - Division 2 - *This is for students that
are in their 9th or 10th grade year in the FFA Program and raising turkeys.

*11th and 12th Grade FFA Divsion - Division 3 - *This is for students that
are in their 11th and 12th grade year in the FFA Program and raising

*FFA Scholarship - Division 4 *- This is for students that are in their
12th grade year or their graduating year of high school and are a part of
the FFA Program and raising turkeys.

Please let us know your information of your students by Wednesday November
13, 2019


Mike Gowans

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