[AgEd] Weekly Reminders Part 1: ULC Final Reminders

Megan Cook megan.cook at utahffa.org
Fri Nov 8 07:22:00 MST 2019


We are excited to see 52 of our chapters in the next two weeks at our 3
Utah Leadership Conferences. If you are not attending, feel free to skip
past this email.

Just a few reminders to make sure your students are prepared for ULC (all
of these notes can be found at the bottom of the schedule found HERE
<https://www.utahffa.org/ulc>, nothing is changed from this):
1. Please be sure to review the schedule. The conference registration is
from 7:30-8:00 am with a light breakfast of donuts/muffins and juice/milk
available. The conference begins at *8:00 am*.

2. Students will be assigned into groups based on their track--Greenhand or
Advanced. They will be split into groups of approximately 10 and a
college-aged group leader will be their guide for the day.

3. As much as possible, please be sure your students are in Official Dress.
If you are attending ULC 3 and have any extra jackets, please let me know,
as there are a few students searching for a jacket to wear. We will of
course welcome all students regardless of whether or not they are in a
jacket, but we'd love to give every student an opportunity to wear a jacket!

4. Please have your students bring a writing utensil and a notebook/notepad.

5. Lunch will be served at noon.

If you are attending ULC 1 or 2, parking instructions will be sent soon.
Registration and the opening session will be held in Promontory Hall, with
the breakout sessions taking place in the Bonneville and Deseret buildings.
See attached map.

Thank you,

*Megan Cook*
Utah FFA Executive Secretary

Office (435) 797-2167
Cell (435) 764-7471
Fax (435) 797-4002
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