[AgEd] Weekly Reminders Part 2: November 11-15

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We had a successful National Convention last week and several of our Utah
FFA members were recognized on the National Stage! A formal announcement of
all top ranking students will be forthcoming once all results have been
shared with us from National FFA--we don't want to inadvertently miss

This week's email has quite a bit of information. I hate to make it
lengthy, but much of the information below is difficult to simply post

1. *POA & Roster Submission:* Please be sure to submit your POA and Roster
no later than November 30. POAs can be submitted in the following ways:
--Email attachment
--Hard copy mail
--AET (preferred) If you choose to submit through AET, simply send me an
email letting me know your POA is ready to be checked off.

2. *New Chapter Records Contest:* As you may remember from the 2019
Delegate Business session, a proposal was brought forward to do away with
the Chapter Records contest as we know it. The information below will be
posted on the website soon, along with a rubric for the contest. I
apologize for the lengthiness of the information, but I wanted to make sure
it reached you while we wait to post it online.

The proposal passed by delegates is below. It was adopted with a minor
revision by the Advisory Board. The revision is struck out in red and
replaced by the yellow highlight.

The delegate proposal reads as follows:

The Chapter Record Contest no longer aligns with current operations of a
chapter. Particularly that of the treasurer, and limitation evoked upon us
to allow access to financial records from the school. With a major change
in our option for media outlets with fewer local newspapers available in
our communities limiting the opportunities for newspaper clippings for the
scrapbook. The scrapbook contest can also be expensive and can be a
limiting the factor for some chapters. Because the scrapbook becomes the
final measure of who will win after meeting the minimum qualifications, it
becomes a scrapbook contest not a chapter record contest. Our current
process does not aline with the National FFA Organization mission and

Therefore let it be resolved that the delegates voted to eliminate Utah
FFA’s current Chapter Records Contest. The delegates voted that the AET
Strategic Plan be used to manage ALL chapter records and submit a complete
report as part of a the Chapter Record Contest on the chapters' AET. The
AET Strategic Plan includes goals and outcomes of a chapter, leadership,
and committee reports, events and activities including picture portfolios
options, meeting minute options as well as a chapter budget.

2*. New features coming for AET in Utah:* The AET is working to finish some
minor restructuring of our AET account. For the 2019-2020 school year we
will be utilizing new and improved functions for the State FFA Degree,
Proficiency Awards, Agriscience Fair, and new online Greenhand and Chapter
Degree applications will become available. If you have students who will be
working on their State FFA Degree, I would suggest that they only continue
entering records but that you do not work on the actual degree application
until AET has the new version in place. In a previous email, descriptions
of the new changes were provided. If you would like me to resend any of
those descriptions to you, please let me know.  The *Greenhand & Chapter
Degree applications are now available! *These are by no means required, but
you are welcome to begin utilizing these two degree applications if. you
feel they fit the needs of your chapter.

*Please be reminded of the upcoming Dates & Deadlines*

*November 15*--Leadership in Agriculture Nominations Due. Form found HERE
*November 30*--Roster and POA submission deadline


*Megan Cook*
Utah FFA Executive Secretary

Office (435) 797-2167
Cell (435) 764-7471
Fax (435) 797-4002
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