[AgEd] POA and Roster Confirmation #1

Megan Cook megan.cook at utahffa.org
Wed Nov 6 17:58:43 MST 2019


The attached list shows all chapters who have submitted their roster, POA,
and/or submitted payment to National FFA. Please be sure to at least have
your roster and POA submitted by November 30th.

   - *Roster:* Memberships must be submitted at least to the *state* level
   by November 30th.
   - *POA:* You may submit this by a hard copy via email, mail, or fax, or
   you can simply enter everything into the AET (preferred) and simply send me
   an email letting me know that it is ready to be checked off.
   - *Payment:* National FFA will invoice you after you have submitted your
   roster to the state level. It is not required that you have payment
   recorded by November 30th since National FFA takes care of the invoicing
   and may not invoice you early enough to receive payment by November 30th.
   Please just be sure to submit on time payment to National FFA.

Please remember that in order to be eligible to *win* State Career and
Leadership Development Events, and be eligible for the Superior Chapter and
Five Star Chapter awards, you must meet the November 30th deadline.


*Megan Cook*
Utah FFA Executive Secretary

Office (435) 797-2167
Cell (435) 764-7471
Fax (435) 797-4002
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