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List Description
AgEd Utah AgEd Listserv
alerts This is the main outage/alert list by which all other outage lists receive their membership
ate-tech&eng-educ Technology and Engineering Education mailing list
ca_clayton_78 This list will help the Clayton Middle School C&A 7th and 8th grade class communicate among parents
ca_ensign_12 This list will help the Ensign Elementary C&A 1st and 2nd grade class communicate among parents
ca_ensign_34 This list will help the Ensign Elementary C&A 3rd and 4th grade class communicate among parents
ca_ensign_56 This list will help the Ensign Elementary C&A 5th and 6th grade class communicate among parents
ca_hawthorne_12 This list will help the Hawthorne Elementary C&A 1st and 2nd grade class communicate among parents
ca_hawthorne_34 This list will help the Hawthorne Elementary C&A 3rd and 4th grade class communicate among parents
ca_hawthorne_56 This list will help the Hawthorne Elementary C&A 5th and 6th grade class communicate among parents
CCGP_info Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program Information
CD This is the Curriculum Directors List.
CForum A mailing list for technology trainers across the state of Utah.
CharterSchoolSpEd Charter School Special Education Directors
coders Utah Ed Coders
COGNOS COGNOS User Group Mailing List
CollegeCareerAwareness A mailing list for educators teaching the College and Career Awareness course.
CS-ElemMS This is a mailing list for Elementary and Middle School teachers who are interested in teaching and/or bring computer science concepts into their classrooms.
CSD_k CSD Kinder
CSDLanguageArts Canyons School District Language Arts
CSDLanguageArts-HS Canyons School District HS Language Arts Teachers
CSDLanguageArts-MS Canyons School District MS Language Arts Teachers
CSDMath Canyons School District HS Math Teachers
CSDMath-MS Canyons School District MS Math Teachers
CSDPE_Health Canyons School District PE/Health Teachers
CSDReadingAcademyTeachers Canyons School District Reading Academy Teachers
CSDScience Canyons School District Science Teachers
CSDSecondaryCoaches Canyons School District Secondary Coaches
CSDSecondaryNewTeacherCoaches [no description available]
CSDSecondYear [no description available]
CSDSocialStudies Canyons School District Social Studies Teachers
CSSPEDD Consortium of Small LEA Special Education Directors
CTE_APP_NTA CTE/APP Applicants-New Teacher Academy
CTE_APP_Pedagogy CTE/APP Applicants-Pedagogy Classes
CTE_IT A mailing list for CTE Information Technology educators.
CTEBusiness_Marketing A mailing list for CTE Business and Marketing educators.
DECA DECA Advisors
district-webmasters With classes and online resources, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to school and district webmasters throughout the state.
DriversEdOnlineInstructors Mailing list for Drivers Ed. Online Instructors
DWTforum Mailing list for Davis / Weber T-Forum
e-rate UEN E-rate Mailing List
Elem-Library-Media A mailing list for Elementary Library Media Specialists.
ElemLanguageArts A mailing list for Utah's Elementary English Language Arts educators.
ElemMath A mailing list for sharing elementary mathematics information.
ESOL Email list for adult ESOL instructors
ETEP [no description available]
ExploringCS This a listserv for all those who are teaching Exploring CS or interested in teaching it.
FACS Utah FACS Educators
FacultyLounge UEN's Faculty Lounge mailing list.
FarmToSchool UT Farm to School
FCCLA Family, Career, Community Leaders of America chapter advisors
FrenchTeachers A mailing list to help Utah French teachers communicate and collaborate with one another.
GFLeducators A mailing list for General Financial Literacy Educators.
GIS Educators who use GIS in the classroom
GIS_Trainers GIS Trainers
HealthScience CTE Health Science
HSEStateLeaders State Health Science Education Leaders
IMC Instructional Materials Commission
IntlEdUSOE International Education
iSEE Informal Science Education Enhancement (iSEE)
joblist KUED-TV, UEN-TV and KUER radio job
K12LMS News and discussion for Utah K-12 online learning management system community
library-media K-12 Library Media Services
Mailman Administrative list for the mailman list server
MedicalMath [no description available]
NASAFACS National Association of State Administrators of Family and Consumer Sciences
New_myuen Notification when new features are added to my.uen
NewFACSteachers Mailing list for new FACS educators
News-from-UT-AFHK Utah-AFHK healthy school environment news
Northwest Northwest Accreditation Commission
PCSD-News Park City School District News
PEAKS Educators new to CSD
PFCCLA Postsecondary FCCLA
PowerSchool Utah PowerSchool Users
ProgramEval Program Evaluations
ProStart Educators teaching ProStart I or II
PubEdIVC A mailing list for Public Ed IVC users
Resource_SchC Resources for School Counselors
SAGEnotify SAGE outage and maintenance notification
Science A mailing list for Utah Science educators.
sec-psych Group Disc. & Info. for mainly H.S. Psych teachers
Secmathcharters Secondary Math Charter list
SecondaryELA A mailing list for Utah's Secondary (grades 6-12) English Language Arts educators.
SecondaryMath A mailing list for Secondary Mathematics educators.
SET Secondary English Teachers
SIMRA A mailing list for members of the State Instructional Materials Review Association (SIMRA).
SMGAdvisors Stock Market Game Advisors
SocStudies Social Studies Mailing list
SpEducators [no description available]
SportsPsych This mailing list is for Utah educators who teach Sports Psychology
SSECC A mailing list for the State Science Education Coordinating Committee.
StateBoardActionUPPAC State Board Action UPPAC
STEM Science Technology Engineering and Math
StudentServicesDirectors Mailing list for the Student Services Directors
SuicidePrevention Suicide Prevention mailing list
SupportforEnglishLearners A mailing list for those who provide Support for English Learners
Surin [no description available]
Surin-ask [no description available]
Surin-board [no description available]
Surin-member [no description available]
SystemsCoaches Systems Coaches mailing list
T2 Tier 2 Video
TCC District Technology Directors/Coordinators Council
tforum [no description available]
UAACCE Utah Association of Adult, Continuing, and Community Education
UAACCE_Board Listserv for UAACCE Board
UDA-tech UDA Technical Committee List
UELMAnewsletter UELMA Newsletter
UENSciFiFans Mailing list for UEN SciFi Friday
UMTSSAdvisory UMTSS Advisory mailing list
USOE-News Daily news about Utah education with links to sources
USOE_Daily_Fiscal_Note_Summary A daily fiscal note summary from USOE
USOE_Weekly_Fiscal_Note_Summary A weekly fiscal note summary from USOE
UTAG_Counselor_Advisor Utah American Graduate updates
UTAG_subscribers Utah American Graduate
UtahFACS This mailing list is for Utah Family and Consumer Sciences updates, policy changes, professional development, curriculum concerns and any additional information.
UtahFuturesNews UtahFutures updates and news
UtahHealth-PE Health and Physical Education mailing list
UtahSchoolPsychology UASP LISTSERV
UTAmGrad Utah American Graduate
uted UEN NetNews - A monthly newsletters that provides Utah educators with information about web site resources, workshops, and relevant news and events.
WBL Work-Based Learning
WorldCiv A mailing list for World Civilization educators.

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